Hello everyone! I will be doing a tutorial on the Hair Halos soon, so check back in a couple of days to understand how it works.  But I'll just explain the best I can to give you an idea.  

So its a hair piece that goes under half of your hair, and connects over the top of your head with fishing line! Yep! FISHING LINE! And you cannot see that line going over the top of your head whatsoever.  Then when you slip it on, the hair piece sits right under the occipital bone and keeps it secure. Then you let the top of your hair down to cover the top of the halo, and it is amazing how well it blends and fills out the hair. 

 There are multiple reasons why I LOVE the halo.  One reason is that it is so quick and convenient!  You can curl your halo one day, and those same curls will last you weeks! So after you have washed and dried your hair, you can throw in your halo (which seriously takes 5 seconds) and WHALA your hair is good to go!  So this means, less heat on your natural hair.  Another thing that I love about the halo is that it is not a permanent extension and its not doing any kind of pulling on your natural hair.  This to me is amazing because every other kind of extension out there is doing that exact thing, pulling on your natural hair.  There are pros and cons to every type of extension.  Beads, Glue, Sew-ins, Tape-ins, Clip-ins, Natural Beaded Rows, they all are pulling at your natural hair constantly. Not the Halo! I like to describe it more like a wig :)

The halo comes in different lengths; 12'', 16'', 20'' and 24''
I hope this gives you a better idea on how the halo works!  Check back soon on a video tutorial, or email me with any questions you have! 


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