Hey everyone!
This is my dear friend Sami Jo! Yes, yes, yes! THE Sami Jo Photography :) She is the one who did the photo shoot with my husband and I.  
I was so excited when she came to me and said "Jes.. I want PINK hair!"  I seriously love how her hair turned out.  It's the perfect pastel pink and it's really flattering! I get a lot of questions on what color I used on her hair.  
There are a few tricks to making this color most affective.
 First, I did a really heavy weave with 30 Volume (make sure to lift passed the yellow stage). 
Also, it's important to only use shampoo and NO conditioner prior to applying the pink.
Next, apply the pink to dry hair.  Although the box says that the color needs to process 20-25 minutes, I got the best results when processing at least 45-60 minutes. 
Finally, rinse the hair in cool water without shampooing or conditioning! 
You now have PINK HAIR! :)

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