I can't believe my pregnancy is already over, and my baby is now 3 months old! I am finally getting my new little life figured out and feel like I now have time to catch up on my blog.  So I am backing up and posting my beautiful maternity pictures I had taken by Oakstream Photography! She is so much fun to work with, and she does an amazing job! Being pregnant was such a wonderful experience and I was so lucky to have a healthy pregnancy (minus the kidney stones...) haha and have a great labor and delivery.  I am so excited to do it all again sometime because being a mom is the greatest!


This is my dear friend Julie.  Isn't she so beautiful?!! I love her hair cut so much!  She is also wearing a 20'' HALO.  We work together at Serendipity Salon, and we just have so much fun together.  We are always excited to try new things with our hair and we are excited to show you guys CHALK HAIR!  It is so fun and easy to use.  We used Anastasia Hair Chalk.  Check it out and have fun with it!  Happy happy hair days peeps!



 What girl doesn't want to have glitter falling all over and around them? haha ok... it got pretty messy, and I am still finding pieces of  confetti randomly in my house:) but Kristin Wilkerson and I wanted to get a little creative with hair pictures.   We had so much fun!  
This hair style is so great and a quick go to for me.  Remember the key to having a thick braid is 'pancake' the braid.  Hold onto the bottom and carefully loosen pieces within the braid.  Simple as that!  I hope this influences you to try a big braid in your hair!

Black top | BOHME |
Leggings | NORDSTROM |
Pink top | J.CREW |
PHOTOS | Kristin Wilkerson |



 Emma is such a beautiful girl, and I was so excited to do her hair for this shoot.  We decided to add a 16'' HALO to her hair to add thickness and length.  I love how natural it looks on her! 

HAIR | by me :) |
MAKEUP | Tia Celise |



Hey everyone!
This is my dear friend Sami Jo! Yes, yes, yes! THE Sami Jo Photography :) She is the one who did the photo shoot with my husband and I.  
I was so excited when she came to me and said "Jes.. I want PINK hair!"  I seriously love how her hair turned out.  It's the perfect pastel pink and it's really flattering! I get a lot of questions on what color I used on her hair.  
There are a few tricks to making this color most affective.
 First, I did a really heavy weave with 30 Volume (make sure to lift passed the yellow stage). 
Also, it's important to only use shampoo and NO conditioner prior to applying the pink.
Next, apply the pink to dry hair.  Although the box says that the color needs to process 20-25 minutes, I got the best results when processing at least 45-60 minutes. 
Finally, rinse the hair in cool water without shampooing or conditioning! 
You now have PINK HAIR! :)


These pictures were taken a few weeks ago when we actually had snow!  We love going up Logan canyon! It is so pretty up there, and it started to snow during our shoot which made it so fun! Even though I love the snow, I am sooo so ready for SPRING and warmer weather!
-Have a great day everyone!

My outfit:
SWEATER | EXPRESS *on sale!!|
BOOTS | SOREL | also love these!
LIPSTICK | MAC. Saint Germain |
wearing a 20" HALO in 14/24
PHOTOGRAPHY | Sami Jo Photography |

Denton's outfit: